What do the “N”, “C” and “W” mean when it comes to foundation?

You’ve probably seen these letters more often than not while searching for your best foundation match. They have everything to do with the undertone of your complexion.

Basically, they stand for “Neutral”, “Cool” and “Warm”. Women with Warm undertones usually have a golden, yellow tint to their complexion. Women with pink or red undertones are Cool. Women who have more of a beige undertone to their complexion are usually considered Neutral.

We hope this helps!

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  • Hi Melanie,

    I love your blog…right on time with where I am right now with beauty regimens and all and looking my best and finding those products that will be best for me.

    My question is how do I find out what is my undertone? what is an undertone? Can you point in to an article or blog that further explains this.

    You will be able to tell that I don’t wear makeup….but I want to….sorta scared…..I have deep dark circles around my eyes and blemishes on my face….I also would like to learn contour secrets to minimalize the chin area and make my face look slimmer.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Hi Sharon, thank you so much for the support!

      I can look into some of the best articles that point you to guidance when it comes to understanding your undertone. I’ll work on this and be sure to send you as much help as I can.

      In regard to dark circles, I’ll look out for some solutions that may help you. Dark circles tend to be hereditary, but, that doesn’t mean that they’re aren’t any products out there that won’t help you.

      And I hear you on the contouring! Give me a few and I’ll research for the best advice.

      xo, Melanie

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